In the Woods

This cottage in the woods in Missouri is extremely reminiscent of the vacation cottages my father’s research institute owned in Soviet times. They were smaller and had no kitchens or bathrooms (they were in separate buildings, and we shared them) but the design was extremely similar.

I hated all Soviet vacation places except the one owned by my dad’s employer. It was really quite chic. I don’t know how they ended up with such a great place. It was by the river, so there was swimming and boating. And we gathered tons of mushrooms and berries in the woods. Locals brought dairy, rabbits, and homegrown vegetables. Those were great vacations.

In short, a little holiday to recover from the news of my father’s diagnosis turned to childhood memories of my father.

In case you are wondering how Ukrainian flags made their way to Missouri woods, I brought them, of course. I also brought the little human hiding in the scenery.

8 thoughts on “In the Woods

  1. Current cell phone digital cameras capture light so efficiently that they don’t require a sunny sky or a flash attachment to capture high-definition images under very gloomy conditions.

    Your well-framed photograph looks like an advertisement for a horror movie to me: An empty, hungry cabin in the woods, with its curtain-less windows open and lusting for foolish victims to enter, while one of its imps lurks almost out of sight on a rear stairway that leads to death.

    I’m not criticizing your photographic skills — but when I’m in a certain mood, images like this scream out for a story.


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