New from Douglas Murray

Good news, everybody! Douglas Murray released a new book. I will start reading it immediately, and in the meantime, here is a great video of Murray’s recent interview to UnHerd. Murray is appalled by the West’s self-effacement and self-sabotage, and I’m very glad his new book is now the #1 bestseller on UK’s Amazon. Murray is one of the most insightful, valuable conservative commentators in the world right now.

I will share my opinions of the book as soon as I read it. Do people prefer it in written or video form?

3 thoughts on “New from Douglas Murray

  1. In written.

    It’s ‘ The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason’ , yes? Will check it too. It’s much easier to remember and discuss if one sees a post in front of one’s eyes, can quote easily f.e.

    Harder to discuss a video and it’s probably why YouTube is not a great place for discussion. There, a video is a solitary act of performing in front of an audience, while blogging invites others to join a discussion in front of fire in a virtual inn.

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