9 thoughts on “Masculinity

  1. I’m assuming this fellow got vaccinated. Why didn’t his vaccine protect his toddlers? If it didn’t protect him, why does he think his toddlers being vaxd will protect them any better than it did him?

    I’m so confused.

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    1. Also, why does he think having a daddy who’s a nervous wreck is less harmful to the toddlers than catching COVID?

      All cults are weird but the COVID cult is one of the weirdest.

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      1. It gets so much worse if you look at #immunizeunder5s
        It’s like a campaign for people to out themselves for locking their kids in closets for the last two years.




        And on, and on, and on…

        I feel terrible for those kids, and it’s not because they haven’t been vaxd yet. It’s because they’re being raised by crazy people.

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        1. My sister’s boy had COVID twice, at 5 and 6. Both times we found out kind of by accident. Nobody cared much because he’s got no symptoms, so what’s the big deal?

          But of course, if we’d turned his life into hell for two years, we’d be obligated to see it as a big deal. If these parents do this kind of thing to the kids using COVID as an excuse, they’ll continue doing this kind of stuff. The excuse might be different but the underlying pathology won’t change.

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          1. Yeah, I guess if you drank all the kool-aid and kept your kid in a plastic bag for two years, maybe you really, really need the psychological end-point to justify that. I note a lot of those posts (there were more) have a definite flavor of “I’ve been raising my kid in unhealthy isolation for two years, and it’s all other people’s fault my kid can’t go anywhere yet.”

            Super creepy. And yeah, it’s not gonna end with the vaccine. These people are competing for Smothering Mothering’s devouring-mother-of-the-year award.

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            1. I can’t imagine any of these parents refusing to take their kid in public if they just happened to be late getting their Tdap booster because their pediatrician was on vacation or something.

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  2. If we hand this guy a statistics book, would that be like handing kryptonite to Superman?


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