Evolution of the US Position on Ukraine

In 2004, Ukrainians were finally ready for democracy. They came out in massive protests against fraudulent elections and corruption. They prevailed. Real elections were held.

Unfortunately, what Ukrainians didn’t realize at that time was that democracy isn’t something that happens by itself after you declare you want it. Democracy is created and maintained daily. After the real elections were held, Ukrainians relaxed, went home, and sat there happily waiting for some Elon Musk to buy their Twitter kindly benefactor to create their democracy. This didn’t happen, and that first attempt at democracy fizzled out.

In the meantime, 2005 saw the only serious, violent protests against the Putin regime. They were brutally repressed. Those protests were organized by the Russian nationalists. They received no coverage inside Russia for obvious reasons and no coverage outside the country because the US was in the midst of the Bush administration. Bush was maniacally fixated on convincing himself that Putin was a simple-minded religious dude. The Brits, in the meantime, were housing every Russian bandit hoping to get some of their money.

In 2011, there was another wave of protests in Russia. These protests were toothless and represented no threat to the regime. They were humiliating, though. And they were followed by something worse. In 2012, young kids, starting at age 14 and up, came out to protest. The regime brutalized them. Terrible things were done. Nobody stood up for the young. There was nobody left in Russia capable of caring much.

In 2013, the Ukrainian regime tries to follow the Russian playbook and brutalize young protesters. But it doesn’t work. Millions of Ukrainians come out to protest. The regime falls.

We are now in the Obama presidency, right? Obama is a neoliberal. He needs to cozy up to China and foment internal divisions in the US. Because there’s no neoliberalism and no post-nation state without people at each other’s throats for invented identity-based reasons. Obama is hell-bent on introducing the word “neo-Nazi” into the common parlance and getting everybody to hunt imaginary neo-Nazis behind every corner.

Russians hand him one of the many invented “neo-Nazi menaces” that Obama craves. The new Ukrainian government is neo-Nazi! they explain. Who cares about what happens to those neo-Nazis, right?

Immediately, US mass media start featuring stories about “Ukrainian neo-Nazis.” Russia invades Ukraine. Murders, rapes, bombs, destroys. Nobody in the West gives a toss because neo-Nazis. In 2014, I was called a neo-Nazi routinely whenever I tried to talk about what was happening.

When Trump gets elected, the US establishment needs a way to discredit him. There’s little time to come up with something. The people who are in charge of inventing the Trump scandal invent the Russian scenario. Maybe it’s a Cold War reflex, maybe a result of being involved with Russian oligarchs.

For 4 years, the US establishment connects Trump to Russia. Then in 2022 Russia invades Ukraine again, and now it’s impossible to say that Ukrainians are neo-Nazis because that will muddle up the whole narrative of “Trump is a neo-Nazi Russian spy.” If the US establishment goes with the “good Russians” story again, what will that do to the whole “Trump is bad” argument?

Finally, the US media begin to notice Russian atrocities. They kind of have to because they painted themselves into a corner on this one. This is why the same horrors perpetrated by the same people were dismissed in the US in 2014 buy are finally noticed in 2022.

13 thoughts on “Evolution of the US Position on Ukraine

  1. Meanwhile, many people on the right bought the lies about Trump being a Russia stooge, and simply decided that was a good thing. Now we’re seeing the consequences of that.

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  2. OT: Another day another Russian weapons factory on fire, this time in Perm (some distance from Ukraine….)


    1. There was also a major fire on a hydroelectric dam in Sakhalin. Plus, Siberia is on fire, as usual. What’s the point of having all that land if you can’t prevent it from going up in flames?


      1. I’ve read that the annual Siberian fires worse than usual because they usually use the army to fight them and the Russian army is…. otherwise engaged…


  3. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov decided the time has come to fix Israel’s too pro-Russian position:

    // On Sunday, Lavrov told Italian media that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Jewish origin does not negate the fact that there are Nazi elements within his government.

    “So when they say ‘How can Nazification exist if we’re Jewish?’ In my opinion, Hitler also had Jewish origins, so it doesn’t mean absolutely anything. For some time we have heard from the Jewish people that the biggest antisemites were Jewish,” he said, speaking to the station in Russian, dubbed over by an Italian translation.//

    The result?

    // [In Israel] The Russian ambassador has been called to the Foreign Ministry to clarify the statements in a rare occasion where a small country takes such a diplomatic step against a superpower. //


    1. As usual, it’s just so stupid. What’s the goal reached by this statement? Why say it at all? Above all, these are incredible idiots.


      1. “What’s the goal reached by this statement?”

        Any chance he’s trying to sabotage his boss? It seems like a Lukashenka strategy – stretch Russian rhetoric so far that it sounds stupid and ridiculous (which ends up diluting the effectiveness of the original propaganda).

        Probably not… but… I imagine there’s a lot of…. positioning going on.


  4. A short funny text –

    [Cult British TV presenter, unchallenged leader of automotive show Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson visited in March in Russia. The whole week. And then went and wrote a very honest article ]

    // As Russians say, manners maketh the British late
    Time. It’s now so precious that we will happily spend an absolute fortune making all the things we do faster, simply so we have time to do more things.

    It’s strange, though. We fume in traffic jams and curse when people on pavements walk too slowly, yet we are prepared to waste hours and hours of every day gurning and engaging in idle chitchat with people we don’t know.

    The British middle-class obsession with good manners means we feel obliged to discuss the weather with our postman and our holidays with our hairdresser. We write ridiculously long thank-you letters to people we’ve already thanked verbally. In business emails we use words that aren’t necessary simply because we feel the need to be polite, and if we want directions we always start out by saying, “Excuse me. I hate to be a bother but…”

    I bring all of this up because I’ve just spent a week in Russia where manners don’t seem to have been invented.



  5. Despite the horrors on the ground the diplomatic rhetoric around the Russian invasion is getting weirder and weirder…

    The Russian Foreign Ministry doubles down on the “Jews were responsible for the holocaust” rhetoric…

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      1. I will never get over the beleidigte Leberwurst. I will now have the perfect expression to stun my German faculty. “That Provost is such as beleidigte Leberwurst!” Sounds perfect.


    1. There’s a couple of very famous personalities in Russia who openly opposed the war. They are Jews, and there was immediately a huge anti-Semitic backlash. One of them is Galkin, Pugacheva’s “husband.” He’s mega famous. This current flare-up of the “Jews are the real Nazis” rhetoric is aimed, above all, at these domestic “traitor Jews.”Galkin is in Israel right now, so bashing Israel is in vogue. There’s always an internal reason for any foreign policy actions.


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