Battling Canada

I’m leaving for Canada tomorrow to be with my father, and as I’m sorting through the byzantine COVID requirements in Canada I’m struck by how insane that formerly great country is compared to the US. For all intents and purposes, Canada is still in March of 2020, confused, terrified, and stupid.

I’m hoping they won’t forcibly quarantine me, but if they do, prepare for a stream of posts about Canada’s idiocy and the importance of the nation-state.


7 thoughts on “Battling Canada

  1. “Canada is still in March of 2020, confused, terrified, and stupid”

    I really think they were hoping to drag out covid for a lot longer and a lot more variants and Justin (what an unserious name…) is too slow on the uptake to wrap things up…

    Best of luck for getting past the border bureaucrats. I hope you’ll be treated as a citizen and not as a walking disease….

    Best wishes for your family.

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  2. Good Luck! I hope it all goes well and you get to spend some quality time with your father and the rest of the family.


    1. It used to be a passport was enough to let one into one’s own country. That’s no longer true. How, how did we let this happen? Our own citizenship completely eviscerated. And for what? What did we get in return?

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