The Quarantine

To add yet another joyful experience to my visit, I got a call from a Canadian government agency.

“Hi, I’m calling to ask if you are fulfilling the conditions of your quarantine.”


“Are you aware you are supposed to quarantine?”


“Were you told you needed to quarantine for 14 days at the customs and border control?”


“Did you go through the customs and border control when you arrived in Canada?”


“Did you show them your ArriveCan receipt?”


“And your vaccination card and negative COVID test?”


“And what did they say?”

“They said ‘welcome to Canada!'”


It’s all true. I don’t know what glitched with those people and I can’t be assed to care. I’m confident they’ll figure out if I needed to quarantine by the end of the decade, so let’s hold out for a sequel.

3 thoughts on “The Quarantine

  1. I travelled with my son early April. I completed the Arrive Can app., arrived at the airport, answered generic questions at customs, and picked up our luggage. Then, I received an automatic message on a daily basis about my PCR test, from the government. I thought it was a hoax, but apparently not. I called the number I was asked to call according to the automatic message (Service Canada). I waited an hour on the phone trying to figure out what had happened. Service Canada referred me to Arrive Can, with another phone number. I waited a bit more on the line with Arrive Can. I was told I was selected for a PCR test at the airport. I said that I was not aware. I was not told. Why was that? No answer. Instead, Arrive Can referred me to Biron Labs (the private lab$$$. that conducts PCR tests at the airports). I called them. They called me back when they were available. They said they would do a follow-up with Health Canada, and that I would receive a phone call from Health Canada or Biron soon, to know what to do.

    I am still waiting, obviously. It is scandalous.

    I also expect a federal agent to knock at my door to check whether I am respecting my quarantine plan. In 2032.

    At least you talked with someone and was graced with some sort of explanations…


  2. Rules and regulations …
    ….all seem more to prevent one from accomplishing and achieving anything than existing for one’s benefit.
    “To serve and protect” ….just WHAT? …..and WHOM?


  3. “I don’t know what glitched with those people”

    My guess…. the dumbification of digital experienceand the concomitant dumbification of many to most users (the two work hand in hand in an accelerating death murmuration) will make the totalitarian system being designed far more incompetent and easy to get around…. a small silver-living but I’ll take it…

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