I’m With Stupid

I took a short break to look at social media only to discover that a bunch of absolute morons decided that it’s a winning strategy to argue that immigrant babies deserve formula less than non-immigrant babies. Now let’s watch Tucker embrace this narrative because it’s currently the most idiotic one in existence.

My only consolation is that nobody has yet reached the depths of the idiocy that gave us the idea that men can be women if they feel like it. I’m with stupid but not with irredeemably bleeding stupid.

2 thoughts on “I’m With Stupid

  1. The internet is full of stupid takes on the formula shortage coming from all parts of the political spectrum. Curious that no one cared about it until now since the shortage started in February. We have been buying elemental formula we need from random people on eBay for a while now. I am glad to know (not) that hungry babies and children make for good politics and stupid takes. All I am trying to say is that if you are looking for intelligent takes on the formula shortage, democrats are not it (“something something forced breastfeeding something something Roe v Wade” about sums it up). We have all lost our humanity and common sense.

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