Interesting Life

You think you have an interesting life? That might be true but I’m going to get tested for COVID by Zoom tomorrow. Try beating that!

I’m going to go practice now because I’ve never done it and I need to prepare. And what unusual new activity are you planning for tomorrow?

9 thoughts on “Interesting Life

  1. I’ve led a cow-dragon (Think lunar new ear festivals) composed of about 20 children aged 5 – 10 down Small Town (TM) main street while wearing a giant cow head.

    That’s fairly close.


  2. I once woke up on an air mattress next to three young ladies I’d never met (and who were not there when I went to sleep). A scraping noise and overpowering smell woke me, along with painful gut cramps. I crawled along the wall and out from under the mosquito net so as not to wake them, peered out the window, and found the source of the noise and smell: a man with a giant squeegee was spreading out shrimp paste in the courtyard outside. That whole 3-4 days remains one of the most surreal episodes of my life– not least because I was dreadfully ill, trying to run an important errand, and communicating with those around me using hand-gestures and dictionaries (I was successful, through no fault of my own). It also involved Catholic nuns, a cave, puking, a zillion stairs, an amazing sunset, riding on motorcycles with strangers, squid…

    Sometimes you have to accept that you are living in someone else’s fever-dream and just roll with it.

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  3. Did you treat your ear infection by Zoom, too?

    Come on, I’m a doctor — I need closure on your medical issues.


    1. No, the ear was in person. That’s why it took so long. I was looking for a doctor who’d actually see me in person.

      I’m taking antibiotics but I don’t feel any change yet. I’ll probably have to go to my own doctor back in the US next week because I’m not sensong an improvement.


  4. “I’m going to get tested for COVID by Zoom tomorrow”

    So… a lateral flow test with your hands and the test itself visibly on camera the entire time?


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