Canadian Hope

This is the new great hope of Canadian conservatism:

Come on, buddy. Just say open borders. We know you want to.


7 thoughts on “Canadian Hope

  1. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky on Thursday single-handedly delayed a bipartisan effort to quickly send $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, which Congress had tried to fast-track amid the escalating brutality of Russia’s war.

    The Senate needed unanimous consent to waive procedural hurdles and approve the humanitarian and military aid package, which the House passed 368-to-57 on Tuesday. Mr. Paul, a Republican and a libertarian who generally opposes U.S. spending on foreign aid, objected, halting what had been an extraordinary effort to rapidly shepherd the largest foreign aid package through Congress in at least two decades.


    1. Yes, the bastards tacked on a ton of fluff that had nothing whatsoever to do with Ukraine and wanted to squeeze it through with no oversight. Thank God for Rand Paul who is apparently the only person with integrity and demanded oversight of how the money is spent.

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  2. …yeah, but Canada most likely ends up getting more fast-food workers, warehouse workers, or more unemployable types who wind up creating more homeless.
    Thinking things through all the way seems such a formidable task for the most idealistic.


  3. Every time I hear people like Poilievre speak I am reminded of one of Winston Churchill’s greatest rejoinders with regard to one of his political opponents: “He is a very modest man who has much to be modest about.”


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