Enviable Form

I’m actually in an enviable psychological form, my friends. I have spent 10 days organizing my father’s funeral and dealing with the consequences of his sudden death. This whole time I was with my. . . erm, psychologically taxing mother. Reader xykademiqz knows the kind of person I’m talking about and will confirm that it would strain the patience of an early Christian saint to be constantly with her. Plus, I’m doing all this with an ear infection that is hurting like a Russian batallion near Kharkiv and isn’t responding to antibiotics.

But at no point was I tempted to drink, smoke, overeat, overspend, or pick a fight with anybody. It’s really weird to be this healthy. Imagine the people who live their whole lives like this, the bastards.

10 thoughts on “Enviable Form

  1. “with my. . . erm, psychologically taxing mother”

    Take it from someone who’s been there…. in the short term, a constant source of stress that you have to focus past to get anything done might actually help in the short run.
    Once you’re away from that… things might actually be harder….


        1. I haven’t watched Eurovision ever but the best concerts I’ve ever been to were those of a Ukrainian-American band called Gogol Bordello. Been to at least 3 of their shows.


  2. I highly recommend making a homemade garlic oil (simmer 2-3 cloves of crushed garlic in several tablespoons of olive oil over low heat for half an hour, strain out the garlic and cool). You can put the drops in the affected ear as frequently as every hour, but it is a really potent remedy (a study even looked at using garlic oil versus traditional antibiotics – amoxicillin – and found garlic oil much more effective: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/311669482_Efficacy_of_Garlic_oil_in_Treatment_of_Active_Chronic_Suppurative_Otitis_Mediaw ).

    Not only can it kill the infection, but it’s also exceptional at relieving the pain.


      1. Sometimes you can find these garlic or garlic/mullein oil ear drops at a natural foods store. Don’t know if they work as well as the fresh preparation.


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