And the funny thing is, these Russian patriots don’t have any love for their own language. The author I’m translating uses the expression “под покровом ночи” completely seriously. It’s like saying “since the dawn of humanity” in English but worse. We are talking about a sarcastic, unsentimental language. You can’t do “под покровом ночи” and “запечатлел поцелуй на ее устах” unironically.

Think about really bad clichés in English. This author uses every one she can think of in Russian.


2 thoughts on “Clichés

  1. “The author I’m translating”

    Is this going to be published by a publisher or is it self or vanity published? I used to love finding vanity books in second hand stores… some really weird stuff (this is before the internet and crazy people posting their thoughts for free).


    1. I can’t imagine this attracting a publisher even before the war. And now, the glorification of the Russian army, I just don’t see it.


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