Hungarian Goulash

And this, my friends, is a real goulash:

It’s steaming hot, which is why the picture looks a little blurry.

I had no bacon so I used kabanosy sliced very thinly instead. I’m the kind of person who always has some kabanosy on hand. The sweet bell pepper wasn’t authentic, of course, but you’ve got to make do.

The central part of the Hungarian goulash is paprika. Without paprika, it’s a simple meat and potatoes stew. Paprika needs to be fresh, European, and it’s very important not to let it burn, not even a little bit. It will become bitter, and the whole dish will be ruined.

Many people prefer a soupier goulash but I had a cheap cut of meat and had to dredge it in flour and sear it before cooking. Otherwise, it would have been hard as leather. The flour got absorbed into the liquid, creating a thick sauce and cutting down the soupiness.

It’s delicious, and I’m not counting on it lasting beyond the weekend.

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