Winds of Change

Wow, people, did you hear? WashPo fired Felicia Sonmez. This is a stunning development. Sonmez is a journalist who over the past couple of days engaged in a standard liberal moral crusade, accusing colleagues of being racistsexist white supremacists who abuse her by existing. This kind of thing has been happening at every newspaper, tech company and university for several years. Every time, people get terrified of the accusations and accept any punishment that comes their way. And the CEOs are happy to oblige.

And then suddenly, WashPo, a mega liberal newspaper, didn’t give into the emotional blackmail and actually fired the unhinged accuser.

Coming on the heels of the Boudin recall, this is very impressive. I hope WashPo doesn’t get scared into taking Sonmez back.

8 thoughts on “Winds of Change

  1. From what I hear on twitter she sued WashPost previously for discrimination but the lawsuit was dismissed, and she’s deliberately goading them into firing her so she can sue again for “employer retaliation.” I hope she doesn’t collect a fat paycheck for this behavior but in this climate, it’s likely.

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  2. told ya!

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      1. Maybe I’m spoiled by being in Britain, but here that would mean that the lawyer who knows you best has declined to continue acting for you because your actions are clearly wrong.

        We can hope!


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