Ukrainians in Montreal

At the airport in Montreal, a woman with a Ukrainian passport addressed me in Ukrainian. I have no idea how she knew because I’m uncharacteristically not wearing any of my patriotic gear.

This is the first time in my life I’ve felt happy to meet a person from my part of the world.

4 thoughts on “Ukrainians in Montreal

  1. Have you known that?

    Кипрская православная церковь называет прихожан не “раб божий”, а “дитя божье”.

    И греческая называет “дитя божье”, и константинопольская называет “дитя божье”.

    Короче, во всех православных церквях у Бога – дети. И только в русской – рабы.
    Что очень многое объясняет.


  2. Elizaveta Tatarinova made a film about the besieged city. “Mariupol. Chronicles of Hell.” These are the testimonies of those who survived the blockade and were able to escape. The movie has subtitles in English. Now watching. Seems to be good so far. If you put it in a post, may be some English speakers will want to watch too.

    In the first minutes they mention the city was shot at all those years from DNR, and people became accustomed to it. Very similar to rockets from Gaza.


  3. Last week I was flying out of Montreal and saw a group of people waving large Ukrainian flags in ground transportation area.

    I wonder if there is a special connection to Montreal here (is there a large Ukrainian population there?) or just a coincidence.

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    1. Yes, we do have a Ukrainian community. There’s a church, and a Ukrainian credit bank “спілка” that easily opens accounts for Ukrainians and transfers money from Ukraine. It’s very hard to do with other banks before arrival and you can’t emigrate without a bank account. When I was emigrating, I remember joking that the Jewish connections were unexpectedly useless for my banking needs while Ukrainian connections saved the day.


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