TV Harms

I remember when I first came to Canada, there was this commercial on TV. Maybe some of you will remember it. There was this really obese little boy sitting at the table. I had never seen this kind of obesity before, so it was already a shock. The boy was eating something covered in a thick layer of barbecue sauce. His face, his hands, everything was completely grimy because of that sauce.

I was so horrified by the ad that I never tried barbecue sauce. Always avoided it because even hearing the words made me want to gag. I have no idea what the commercial was trying to sell. Napkins, detergent, paper towels? Maybe even barbecue sauce, although I don’t think anybody could be crazy enough to see those images as appetizing. But I conceived a decades-long disgust of barbecue sauce.

Finally, twenty years later I closed the Gestalt by tasting barbecue sauce in Canada today and discovering that it’s quite nice.

6 thoughts on “TV Harms

  1. “by tasting barbecue sauce in Canada… it’s quite nice.”

    I have no idea what kind of heresy gets called “barbecue sauce” in Canada…. you need to try it in the US barbacue zone (nb not in any state with “carolina” in its name).

    Florida and Texas have the best bbq in my experience… I could have cold dry bbq and texas toast, potatoe salad and ice tea 4 times a week and never get tired of it, with ‘wet’ barbecue for variety occasionally with deep fried okra, a vegetable I otherwise kind of hate)

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    1. The barbecue sauce had a nice smoky flavor. I didn’t put it on anything but tried it with a tip of a fork. I was that terrified of it.

      I can try again in FL next month.


      1. “barbecue sauce had a nice smoky flavor”

        technically it’s the meat that’s supposed to have the smokey flavor (barbecue means ‘cooked in the smoke of a wood fire’)

        the main flavor of the sauce is supposed to be tart basically tomato, vinegar, brown sugar (or honey) and spices….


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