Know Your Arithmetic

I fell behind in the writing I had planned for the academic year, and as a result, will have to spend the summer stressing out about it and trying to catch up.

This was, above all, an error of arithmetic. I always calculate how much I will be able to write based on past performance. But I forgot to take into account that this year I’m writing mostly in Spanish which takes me about 1,5 times longer than writing in English.

I also put in no time allowance for emergencies. And this is precisely the year when every emergency happened. I was counting on the months of March and May, which are usually my heavy writing months, but for obvious reasons I couldn’t work in those months. Plus, I suddenly found myself saddled with a large translation project.

When it’s all done, it will be great. Five publications in very serious places created within a single year. But the process will be stressful and unpleasant when it didn’t need to be.

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