Insightful Assumptions

There’s this hilarious scene in Daniel Gascón’s novel about a left-wing snowflake in the Spanish countryside. The snowflake arrives in a small village and begins to lecture the villagers about the heteropatriarchal nature of the henhouse and the toxic masculinity of an old man who “manspreads” on a bench. Finally, the villagers feel too annoyed to put up with the incessant lecturing and paint the words “Idiot outsider” on a wall.

The left-wing snowflake assumes that the graffiti describes Mohammed, the only immigrant in the village, and angrily hectors villagers about the evils of Islamophobia and immigrant-hatred. But the only person in the village who assumes that “idiot outsider” refers to Mohammed is the left-wing snowflake himself.

This is exactly what happened to the author of the linked Tweet. He assumes things about his opponents, and that assumption says a lot more about him than about them.

4 thoughts on “Insightful Assumptions

  1. I started hearing this argument 25 years ago as a teenager. It wasn’t the own then that they thought it was and it still isn’t. No imagination, these people.

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  2. I know more than a few non-Jewish people who would leap at the chance to send their kids to a Jewish private school, over the public school they are stuck with, assuming the academics and social atmosphere were better.

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    1. I know people who put their kids in Christian schools solely because of COVID and are now staying because they are in love with the environment, the people, the program, everything. Our public school has lost almost half of their K-1 enrollment.

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