Already Exists

What possesses people to write such bizarre things? Child support already exists. In exactly this form.

And this isn’t just one person. I’ve seen this argument reiterated endlessly. Do people not know that child support exists?

Another disturbing argument is “the Supreme Court has banned abortion!” Really? Are you sure? No abortions will take place tomorrow?

No, the Supreme Court hasn’t banned anything. I wish it banned needless, annoying hysteria but it’s covered by the freedom of speech right.

8 thoughts on “Already Exists

  1. Apparently, it is extremely hard to collect child support from fathers who are dead-set on not paying, and judges are often very lenient to fathers who are delinquent on their child support. That’s a major issue with poor Americans. Most women cannot actually count on child support in any way other than in theory.


    1. It’s easier than it used to be, though. And I think it depends a lot on what state you live in? Yes, if the responsible party is very determined not to pay, there are ways to avoid it, such as working only under-the-table jobs so wages cannot be garnished, quitting your (decent) job and going to work for minimum wage, quitting and moving in with your mom while collecting unemployment just to spite your ex… But this is not practical for most parents who are on the hook for child support payments, and imposes some very significant economic constraints on the person ordered to pay. This is very, very different from when I was a kid, and I had more than one classmate whose divorced dads had simply moved to another state and never paid a cent in support because there were not yet between-states agreements about that. We have a lot more state-to-state cooperation these days, so it’s harder to avoid paying.

      I know a more recently divorced couple where the dad got sole custody, and the mom is required to pay child support. Neither of them wants this– she’d prefer not to pay, and he’d prefer not to receive any money from his ex– but it was the court’s decision not theirs, so he stashes the money in the college-and-dental fund and tries not to think about it. Neither of them is even middle-class, so we’re not talking about the travails of rich people here.

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      1. I should point out that this is especially true for lower-income people, because when you go and apply for any kind of state assistance– particularly medicaid– the state takes on the job of enforcing on any child support owed to you, whether you want them to or not. So it is not dependent on whether you can get a lawyer.


      2. The fathers who have no income, indeed, avoid paying child support. The state steps in and pays in these cases. I’m all for the state paying more. But nobody is suggesting that, apparently. The debate is conducted by people who seem to confuse child support and alimony and believe if there was no marriage, there’s no child support.

        Twenty years ago, I dated a guy from New Hampshire who was paying child support for a child that came about from a one-night stand. Neither he nor the legal system had any objection to it. And now people are behaving like this hasn’t been a reality for a long time.

        I’m a passionate believer in child support, so I follow these things.


  2. You can’t whip people into a state of hysteria by telling the truth about Dobbs (that the court only sent the issue back to the states, where it belongs, and where it had always been prior to 1973)… just as you couldn’t get people exercised about Covid unless they thought it had a scary-high mortality rate and that everyone, including children, was equally at risk from it.

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        1. It is a mystery to me that people can get out and have a mass tantrum over the Roe thing: essentially a boring administrative decision saying: “oh, hey, this should be decided at the state level not the federal” (which affects almost nobody in a direct way) but cannot get even a little exercised about the price of gas and groceries nearly doubling in a year, while wages go… nowhere. This affects everyone directly and negatively. But hey, whatever, no problem (shrugs).

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