Genetics is real. My 12-year-old niece and I went to a huge Bath & Body Works sale. Separately, we walked by mountains of products and independently of each other both chose the exact same scent.

We also look funny at Michaels stores where we stop in front of the same shelf and stare at it with the same facial expression.

6 thoughts on “Genes

  1. Genetics is really fascinating. My middle son looks exactly like my sister (also my mother). Son has a different body structure than husband or me (son is very tall, taller than both parents, and very thin and lanky, with long limbs) and has my sister’s face. If you put him next to sister and me and asked which one is his mother, you’d definitely pick her. It’s weird to realize I apparently carry those same genes my sister does, they just never got expressed, but they got transmitted to and expressed in my son.

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    1. Indeed! My uncle (dad’s brother) has a striking look all his own– line him up with his siblings and you’d not guess he was related. My middle kid looks very like him. Where was that set of genes hiding out??

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      1. It gets really weird sometimes. My sister looks exactly like our great-grandmother whom she doesn’t remember well but whose life trajectory of living for many decades with the same man without formally marrying she is reenacting.

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