No Misrepresentation

Our new top administrator is proving to be exactly as neoliberal as he was during the job interview. You have to give it to the guy, he’s honest. Never misrepresented himself, never pretended to be less neoliberal than he is. But now everybody is upset. “He’s saying there will be a hiring freeze and personnel cuts! How could he?” He can because he told us he would and we hired him. So he’s doing exactly what brought him the job. “He’s pretending that our sister university doesn’t exist!” Yes, just like he did during the job interview where he didn’t mention the sister university a single time.

We had 4 candidates. We chose the most neoliberal one. A large hiring committee filled with the same faculty members who are now complaining chose him. So whom should we now blame? It’s definitely not the candidate, in my opinion.

One thought on “No Misrepresentation

  1. Most of my neighborhood had Biden signs on their lawns during the election and now they complain about high gas and food prices. People really don’t pay attention and it seems to be universal.

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