Globalism Against Farming

These are the famous Ukrainian wheat fields that are symbolized by the lower half of the national flag. Russians are setting them on fire on purpose:

Notice how similar globalists’ actions everywhere are. Putin burns fields while the authorities in Netherlands beat up farmers. I’m not suggesting that they conspired with each other but that they have identical sensibilities. They hate the same things and the same people.


18 thoughts on “Globalism Against Farming

    1. People assume that globalists are a monolith. But that’s ridiculous. They can compete with each other and fight for power like any other group. More than any other group, even, because the stakes are so big.


      1. Which is why I don’t believe it’s Putin.

        I get the symbolism and the meaning, but you’re giving the man way too much credit.

        Now sitting by and doing nothing while some other actor gets involved, that I’m willing to believe.

        It’s essentially what people are doing in the US with Biden, but he’s way too compromised in too many ways for that to be believable at all.

        Arranging for the hookers for his son, that I’m also willing to believe.

        But the man can make water burn on a stove. 🙂


    1. “apparently available but in Italian only….”
      Italian is still – for the moment at least – one of Europe’s major languages of culture, together with French and German. Not English, nor Spanish, which are world languages…


      1. “Italian is still …. one of Europe’s major languages of culture”

        Very true. I was just thinking not many here can follow spoken Italian well enough to get much info from the whole interview (I sort of understand and don’t understand rai news, for example).


  1. Real plan to hurt Putin and help … China :

    “Картель в составе США, Японии и стран Евросоюза готовится установить граничную максимальную цену на нефть российского происхождения. Обрезание нефтяных доходов обрушит ВВП РФ на 20–30%, а также поможет снизить цены на топливо и газ в Европе, в частности, и в Украине”


  2. Found this Ukrainian blogger from Kyiv, one of whose latest posts is on globalism:

    еще одно слово- перевертыш (точнее, целая группа слов) – это глобализация (глобализм и т.п.). Популярное понимание означает нечто вроде открытых рынков, свободной торговли, возможности предприятий действовать по всему земному шару, возможности людей жить, где им захочется и так далее. То есть, это такой себе триумф капитализма. Я сам когда-то тоже был обманут и воспринимал тот же Всемирный экономический форум как организацию, занятую проблемами окончательной победы капитализма в мировом масштабе.

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      1. The main difference between Holland and Sri Lanka is that our globalist overlords want to turn Holland into some sort of mega-city connected with Belgium and Luxembourg. For this, they need to displace the farmers that’ve owned that land for generations. All they want for Sri Lanka is to send it permanently back to third-world status so it won’t compete with them for resources.

        So what do they want with Canada?


        1. “what do they want with Canada?”

          my guess would be buffalo farm/nature preserve…. they like the idea of vast uninhabited areas where they have some elbow room away from stinky, dirty us, who they want to keep locked up in mega cities

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