Limited Powers

Truly, it’s impossible to lose your mind just a bit. Once it starts, it never ends. Tucker has done a segment on a man in Harlem who sliced another man up with a knife, killing him. The prosecutor did his job and charged the man with murder. Now the jury of his peers will decide if the killing was justified as self-defense. That’s the American way, right? The police arrest, the prosecutors charge, the lawyers defend, the judges preside, and the juries decide. If you are on the law & order side of the political equation, you should be happy that the old criminal justice system keeps churning along.

But Tucker decided to take the anti-conservative position that the prosecutor should have usurped the duties of the jury and decided to not charge the killer with anything. Why? Because he has a heart-warming immigrant story and he says he acted in self-defense.

This is exactly the kind of thinking that is destroying Chicago. The prosecutors refuse to bring charges. Because the suspect had a hard life, because the suspect says the victims started shooting first, because this, because that. There’s always an excuse to keep putting people back in the street where they continue to re-offend.

Finally, there’s a prosecutor in Harlem who doesn’t think it’s his job to enact social policy. And instead of celebrating this small victory for limited powers and people simply doing their jobs, we start attacking them from the conservative side.

I never imagined I’d see Tucker effectively justify the prosecutorial misconduct of the Chesa Boudin variety. But here he is.

3 thoughts on “Limited Powers

  1. Since I follow NY closely I feel I can comment on this. DA Braggs immediately instated a policy to downgrade many felonies to misdemeanors, including perps threatening people with guns. He supports letting suspects with lengthy criminal histories leave jail on no bail. Yet he enforces policies on people who defend themselves from attackers. If he was consistent, I would have no problem. He wants people to be afraid, and afraid to defend themselves.

    Now, I did watch the video. The younger black man appears to physically confront the older Dominican man, had him backed into a corner. It looks like he got around him and took a knife, there was additional physical contact and the older man stabbed him in the neck. I would think it would be appropriate to investigate the situation further before deciding to arrest and press charges. It is probably easy to see if the force was justified. I can’t tell from the video. It wouldn’t be the first time a self defense case didn’t get prosecuted.


  2. I don’t know anything about that case in particular, but at least in my neck of the woods, the police do not file charges in cases of obvious self-defense. Was this one of those cases? I don’t know.


  3. update – huge outcry by the public and the charges have been dropped. First they lowered the bail/bond from like half a million to something more reasonable so he could leave jail.


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