Buying a Human

When a fashion accessory you purchase isn’t satisfactory, it makes sense to sue.

It is absolutely horrid that children are being sold to consumers who are hormonally incapable of bonding to them.

11 thoughts on “Buying a Human

  1. What a horror story — for the little girl who’s going to grow up raised by two male “parents” incapable of feeling love for anyone alien enough to be female.

    If they had any sense of decency, they’d spend whatever money they get from the lawsuit toward finding a loving adoptive family for their clearly unwanted child.

    Reading your post literally makes me sick.

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  2. What do you mean our little embryo didn’t get gene editing to adjust CCR5 so our future sex maniac won’t get AIDS?

    What do you mean you don’t do any gene editing at all?





  3. When I read “They created Gmail accounts for their unborn children…” as some sort of indicator how serious they were about parenthood?! Who the hell does that? Btw, these two will be the worst, most controlling parents ever.

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  4. I’m glad that you are saying this.
    P.S. I am homosexual myself, but that doesn’t mean I cannot see the inhumanity intrinsic in manufacturing made-to-order babies.


    1. ” cannot see the inhumanity intrinsic in manufacturing made-to-order babies”

      I think there are lots of cases of healthy same sex couples raising reasonably well-adjusted kids (reasonably well-adjusted is I think the gold standard of parenting…).

      But anyone (regardless of orientation and/or relationship status) who wants to manufacture a child as a consumer experience is essentially involved in a version of something like slavery (we don’t have the right vocabulary yet).

      It’s also like the ‘men’ having babies who apparently would be triggered and have mental health breakdowns if someone mentions they’re still, actually, biologically female after all… if they can’t handle that there is no way on earth they are remotely ready to be a parent.

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      1. @cliff arroyo
        I totally agree with you: fitness as a parent does not depend on one’s sexual orientation, absolutely. Not a few heterosexual couples are totally unfit as regards parenting. I was referring to the idea – not confined to homosexual couples – that you can simply order a baby and have it delivered as if it were a package.


        1. ” you can simply order a baby and have it delivered as if it were a package”

          Yes, that’s absolutely hideous…. how self-absorbed are those who do that? I feel so bad for the kids in that kind of situation….


        2. Adoptive parents can be great and real parents can suck. But that doesn’t eliminate the need to know and have a relationship with one’s real parents. That’s simply how human psyche works. Adopting an abandoned child and preserving the child’s links to the birth family is beautiful and heroic. But manufacturing an orphan to cosplay as a mother is a terrible thing to do. The devil is always in the details. Adoption can be wonderful and it can be terrible depending whether it’s done for a child or for an adult.

          I deeply, deeply respect people who adopt. I don’t care if they are gay or straight. I respect adoption. But when people are so delusional they can’t even accept that what they do is adoption, when even the word isn’t mentioned because people are denying reality, then that’s unhealthy.


          1. What really bugs me is that we are constantly exhorted to deny clearly observable biological reality. Nobody has “two fathers.” Everybody has a father, a mother, and possibly some number of adoptive parents. These adoptive parents can be wonderful people but they are still adoptive parents. It’s not a value judgment. It’s simply a fact. It’s insane to deny the most basic facts about human beings to flatter the fantasy life of some.


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