Admiring Florida

Even gas prices here are as if Trump is still in office. OK, I’m exaggerating but they are still a lot less punishing than what we have at home.


6 thoughts on “Admiring Florida

  1. Gas has been going down pretty steadily where I am the past two weeks. Could be Florida is just leading the change.


      1. Filled my tank yesterday for 3.99/gallon. I was driving from Illinois (where I’d gone for my niece’s wedding) back to Wisconsin (where I live), and I refused to fill my tank before leaving because Illinois prices were between five and six bucks a gallon. As soon as I crossed the border into Wisconsin, it dropped back down to 3.99.

        It’s a little pathetic that 3.99 now seems low…

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  2. I hate high gas prices and I cannot lie
    You other gas guzzler drivers may deny
    But when I see six buck a gallon diesel
    My wallet gets crunched

    Yes, we do both high and low culture here, what of it? 🙂


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