The reason why the country club crowd so rapidly and easily became Democrat is neoliberalism. In the English-speaking world, neoliberalism was initially championed by conservatives. Thatcher, Reagan, etc. (Not so in Spain, for example, where neoliberalism was brought in by the Socialists).

Wealthy people are by definition those who are doing well in the neoliberal economy. They feel comfortable in it. So they vote for whichever party is more neoliberal. The parents voted Republican when Republicans were more neoliberal. Their children now vote Democrat because the Democrats have become the standard-bearers of neoliberalism.


2 thoughts on “Realignment

  1. Don’t forget that in Britain Tony Blair – ostensibly a representative of the Left – was responsible for scrapping age-old social practices and for introducing neoliberal policies that Mrs Thatcher could not have dreamed of implementing.


  2. “Don’t forget …”

    There’s not enough strong drink in the world to make it possible for me to forget the Blair-Brown Witch Project.

    But Thatcher was the gateway for the Keynesians to arrive in full force with such absurdities as an “economic computer” that used fluids (mostly coloured water) to allow the operators to adjust Keynes’s “hydraulic economic levers”.

    I saw a BBC bit by Adam Curtis several years ago about “hypernormalisation” where some dedicated madmen thought it wise to try to restore Old Creaky & Leaky back to usable form.

    It sprang leaks back when it was conceived, back when it was shown to the public, and back when these madmen thought they could do it one better.

    See if you can find the video, watching people try to use Old Creaky & Leaky is highly entertaining.

    The Blair-Brown Witch Project merely stepped into the gigantic space cleared by all of the Keynesians that throttled the Thatcher regime good and hard.


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