4 thoughts on “No Free Meal

  1. And of course all of Admin who showed up got to take massive trays of food home when nobody else showed up …

    Oh, do tell me I’m wrong. 🙂

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    1. I’m sure you are right because the event was cancelled less than a day before it was scheduled to take place. What’s really funny is that on this same day another in-person event is being held. It’s less fun, there’s no food, and it’s not being cancelled. Somehow that event is immune to COVID.


  2. ” because of, and I quote, “BA.5 subvariant”

    One of the few sports I can sometimes enjoy watching is Sumo. The current July basho (one of the six big tournaments in the year) is still going on but is a farce because of people testing “positive” (nothing about symptoms just the test is a new Scarlet Letter). A single wrestler or coach testing positive means the entire stable has to withdraw….

    And Japan is not good at thinking on the fly and innovating on the spot, so they have things like 24 canceled fights in a day (stretching out the day however they can). Funny commentary here:

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    1. There’s a quarantine hotel that overlooks that sumo venue.

      Imagine being stuck in a room for fourteen days, being able to look out at the sumo venue, and you can’t even leave the building.

      This all despite having negative results.

      But don’t worry, Kishida will torpedo the Japanese economy so bad that they’ll have to take in tourists by the shipload!

      Maybe it’ll get back to 1 USD = 300+ JPY by the time it’s all over.

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