I hope they start suing. But God, who even cares about that after the damage has been done? The person in the video is clearly unwell, too, because this is somebody who thinks the main problem with being unable to have an orgasm is that your relationships might suffer.

3 thoughts on “Inhuman

    1. Historically you would have your child castrated in order to give him a better future: in the Byzantine empire it was a way for families who could afford to educate their children to get a younger son into a good government admin job. In Italy, it was a gamble made by poor families (I think)– if they turned out to have a beautiful voice, they could potentially become famous and wealthy, and maybe help out the rest of the family. So some of them would roll the dice on a kid with good pitch. But of course in North Africa and Arabia all the way up until what? The early 1900s? –kidnapping and slavery were the preferred method for getting eunuchs to serve in the women’s quarters there. That was pretty brutal, but they did have job security.

      In the US we do it because it’s fashionable. Not because we need someone to look after the harem, or government officials who won’t try a palace coup to install their own kids, or because the public loves an ethereal singing voice, but because… it’s fashionable? Or are parents banking on this sort of mutilation leading to lucrative employment at the other end, because it turns their otherwise ok-to-discriminate-against white kids into a protected class? Might work if culture was fairly static, but this is the internet erea: there will be some other fad in ten years, plus all the backlash. Then what? What’s the big bright future your now-adult eunuch is headed for? Accidental castration, and the occasional cancer, do happen sometimes, but at least in that case, you still have a pretty good shot at a normal-ish adult life. You can’t have kids and may need to take supplemental hormones. Happened to an old schoolmate. Sometimes life is cruel.

      The trans thing is so much more cruel. Not enough to castrate: gotta warp the psyche to match. That’s not life being cruel, that’s the adults around you being cruel. And since it’s the modern age, we castrate girls, too.

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      1. It’s cruel and it’s all in service to a sexual fetish of a few very rich men. It’s quite extraordinary how easy it is to make whole societies complicit in the perversion of a few.

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