We Haven’t Forgotten

Democrats in Illinois are running on guns, abortion, and vague promises to “address inflation” and “reduce crime.” Nothing whatsoever is said about COVID. It’s like it never existed. This is silly because COVID mitigation is a major electoral issue in the state. Terrible things have happened. Only the most partisan and brainwashed voters have forgotten.


One thought on “We Haven’t Forgotten

  1. This is like… I saw something from the Spectator, and something from the Economist, this past week, both kind of in the same vein, chiding democrats for pandering to their extremist fringe, etc. One focused on military recruiting issues, the other on democrats’ poor polling. But it was like they were written in response to the same memo, from the same person. If I had to guess, that memo said something like:

    “Look, media troops, the numbers are in, and they’re bad. Really really bad. Public hasn’t seen them yet, and we’ll sit on them as long as possible, but it’s leaking out. Too many data sources to hide it forever. We need you to push every hot button you’ve got, do whatever it takes to get everybody buzzing around and looking in ANY other direction. Whatever you do, don’t say the V-word.”

    And that’s how we get the economist making recommendations to the Ds about maybe it’s time to throw the alphabet people under the bus, and not be so very vocal about open borders. And the spectator talking about how nice rural boys don’t want to sign up for the trans army.

    All without ever mentioning that a whole chunk of people just left the military because of certain unmentionable mandates, and that a bunch more who might be enlisting are reluctant to be used for blatant medical experimentation. Without mentioning the whole school-closings, kid-masking, educational-child-abuse, and yet more mandates. Did that happen? We’re gonna pretend it didn’t happen now? Are we pretending it didn’t happen because it was an abject failure and most people hated it, or are we pretending because it’s way worse than that and the unmentionable V-words were/are actually dangerous, but it’s too late to stop that train because too many people would lose face?


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