At a restaurant today, the TV was on over the bar. I have no idea what was being said but the images were of Trump, Trump, and more Trump. The channel was the CNN. I catch glimpses of the CNN in public places at different times of day, and it’s always Trump. Day, evening, weekend. The same images playing on a loop.

Is there truly nothing more relevant happening in the world than somebody who hasn’t held public office in 1,5 years? I liked the Trump presidency. I voted for him. But I don’t spend my days thinking about him and behaving like a lovestruck groupie. And I definitely feel no need to look at photos of him every day. Or any day.

If the CNN shows these programs, I assume there are people who watch. My question is, do they realize that this is unhealthy? The only person I can imagine myself being so obsessed with is my daughter. Why are they so attached to him? Is he a father figure? The Jungian shadow? Their one true love?


6 thoughts on “Lovestruck

  1. CNN Center plays CNN in the big food court between the two towers.

    When big events such as Dragon Con are in Atlanta, a lot of the crowd moves over to CNN Center because it’s a much bigger food court than Peachtree Center.

    So how much of the CNN viewing figures consists of people stuck at CNN Center and in airports?

    Fun things to do in hotels: leave the TV on while you’re out so people think you’re doing work from the room and will stay away (especially useful for theft prevention).

    When the cleaning staff comes by, they’ll usually leave the TV on, figuring you might actually watch what’s on and that you’re doing the theft prevention thing, but there are exceptions.

    ESPN? It’ll definitely be on, and the remote stays put.

    Bloomberg? It’s pretty likely to be on, and the remote stays put.

    Entertainment channels? It’ll be on, the sound will be turned up so it’ll reach the bathroom, and the remote is near where you put it, but not exactly where you put it.

    CNN, Headline News? Nearly always switched off, and the remote is back by the TV.

    Oh, and just for you: RT UK? Channel was turned to Dave, then switched off, had trouble locating the remote because it was behind the TV.

    That was at a hotel near Heathrow back when RT was on Freeview.

    The only things on RT that were worth watching then were Boom Bust and Max Keiser’s show, which at the time were conveniently scheduled in the same hour block.

    Boom Bust was excellent back when the Credit Writedowns blog guy was the brains behind the operation.

    If some nebulous nefarious internationalists want to wear some people down for interrogation purposes, just leave them in a quarantine hotel where the only TV consists of CNN, Headline News, BBC, and RT.

    [also cue playing “Lovefool” by The Cardigans for the Anti-Trump Love-In Brigade] 🙂

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    1. It’s a great marketing trick to leave the CNN on over a bar. The desire to get drunk and drown out the stupidity of the coverage would result in many additional purchases of drinks.


    1. I would really like the people who aren’t Trump supporters to consider what it means that they think about him so much more than the people they accuse of being his fanatical supporters.

      To give a useful comparison, I think and talk about Putin about 3% of the time they think and talk about Trump. And Putin is actually a president of a country while Trump isn’t.


      1. IKR? The only time I think about Trump these days is when you bring him up 😉 He seems fairly irrelevant at this point. I’m glad I don’t have a TV.


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