Go Red

The trends in domestic migration between states seem to lead to an inevitable conclusion…

Vote red to avoid ending up in the red.


6 thoughts on “Go Red

  1. Gaaaaah! This is why we can’t find a house! We are moving 1 hour up the coast so my husband can work in a better hospital. It is a real city– small city, but still. Big enough to have a proper ghetto and a large and visible population of urban campers, unlike my hometown, and four large hospitals so it’s a fairly safe job market. No skyscrapers though. We’ve been looking for a house for two months already (trying to buy, contract fell through due to live termites, insert swearing here), and have had to get an extension on our current lease and shift to looking for a rental, and put husband up in a motel during the work-week because he started the new job three weeks ago. Since everybody requires your income to be 3x the rent, and most will not allow more than two people per bedroom (possibly excepting under-5s), once we plug in those parameters, the available rentals diminish to… five. Five available rentals with at least two bedrooms, in our price range (we could afford more in rent, and are currently paying more than we would qualify for, but nobody would approve us for that in the new location). Three of those rentals are in an unsafe neighborhood. And for the other two, we are apparently competing with 20,000 people from California.

    We have one month to find a place to live, in this market. We are gonna be living in a tent.

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    1. God, this is brutal. I pray that you find something good soon. There must be a miracle available at this point.

      Real estate is insane. I just saw an ad for a condo in my town. It’s a new building over a pizza restaurant, so quite noisy and with a stinky, large parking lot. 3 bedrooms 2 baths. $700,000. I can’t begin to understand who’d buy it. You can have a real house, in a shady, quiet area for 1/3 of that. But apparently, people are buying. There has been a boom of these luxury condo buildings being built.

      $700,000. I don’t understand who can afford to buy that. This reeks of a housing bubble.


  2. Kind of why I enjoy living in Nebraska. All the benefits of a sane, mostly conservative government, with almost zero appeal to people wanting to flock here from the coasts, at least for now.

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    1. I’m in Illinois but in a deeply red area. Affordable housing, no crime, and no COVID lockdowns after June 1, 2020. Compared to the blue Illinois, this is paradise.


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