Free and Clear

For the first time since we started coming here, there is no repair work being done on Estero Boulevard. Floridians, please vote for Ron DeSantis. Competence is contagious. It’s felt in every little thing.

There Are No Culture Wars

Translation: London is about to become even more uncomfortable to live because there will be more austerity, more crime, less public services, less affordable housing, more trash in the streets, and less governance.

There’s absolutely no other reason to release this stream of “inclusive” verbiage than to hide a fresh dose of neoliberalism. People either think this guy is on their side and don’t suspect him of anything or they get distracted by a discussion of how non-binary is a stupid word (which it is). But nobody talks about the economic aspect of his con.

We have to retrain our brains into looking for the hidden austerity measures the second we hear the words “non-binary, equity, Latinx, etc.” This is all purely, nakedly economic.

There are no culture wars. There’s a class war. And we are losing it because we haven’t shown up at the battlefield.