Friedman and Draft

Milton Friedman was on the commission that ended the draft in the US. I knew he had to be behind it before I found out about this. Hah!

Friedman is the founder of US neoliberalism. Severing the contract between the citizen and the nation-state from both ends was his raison d’ētre.


3 thoughts on “Friedman and Draft

  1. Well personally I agree with Friedman on the draft. The draft should only be used in emergencies, and especially after we saw how it was abused with the Vietnam War. Also Friedman, while not perfect, played a very important role throughout the 20th century. He was one of the best research economists, maybe the best, in history. He played a huge role in pointing out the fallacies of socialism and why it doesn’t work, and why many big government policies do not work, for which he was continually demonized by the Left.

    Back in the 1960s, when he published his book, “Capitalism and Freedom,” he was considered a radical and extremist, because it was widely accepted within the economics profession that the proper way to organize an economy was via socialism. To the extent market capitalism would be utilized, it should be the government-heavy version known as Keynesianism, where the government plays a huge role in “managing” the economy. Friedman was against that too and pointed out its flaws.


    1. Abolishing the draft is like legalizing gay marriage. Sounds great but then somehow it unexpectedly progresses to transing toddlers / erasing national borders. And then we all go, “wait, what? We only wanted that good thing, not the slew of the unintended consequences.”


      1. What are the unintended consequences you see? I do not see abolishing of the draft as leading to the lack of border enforcement. That was in effect before the draft was ended. The lack of border enforcement is IMO because the Democrats want the votes, and the Republicans the cheap labor. Also I do not see same-sex marriage as leading to transing toddlers. That is more due to the infiltration over the years of the colleges and primary schools with radical leftists who have been brainwashing the students, and thus now created a generation of brainwashed young people.


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