Russian Revelations

Kamil Galeev finally explained in a thread that Navalny – the great Russian hope of Western liberalism – is a real, not a metaphorical neo-Nazi:

But more interestingly, Galeev provides photos demonstrating that the chief ideologue of Russian Nazism, Egor Prosvirnin, was friends with a supposedly anti-Putin pundit named Stanislav Belkovsky. It does feel weird to see the Jewish Belkovsky standing next to a fanatical admirer of Hitler and a rabid anti-Semite like Prosvirnin.

What Galeev doesn’t mention (probably to avoid confusing the English-Russian readership) is that Belkovsky is a secret agent of the Putin regime. He clearly infiltrated Prosvirnin’s inner circle using the Nazi leader’s notorious weakness for hanging out with people who appear on TV. Being an agent of Putin’s secret police is only marginally better than hanging out with Nazis for fun but still, Belkovsky deserves to be cleared of the charge of being chummy with Hitlerites.

Putin’s operation against Prosvirnin was successful. Prosvirnin joined the rest of the Russian nationalists where Putin sent them to shut them up about his hatred of ethnic Russians.

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