Real Goals

There are official narratives, and turn there’s reality. It’s important to see through the propaganda and notice what’s actually happening:

Much of the Leftist political efforts are aimed at removing black people from productive life. BLM, the adoption of the expression “people of color,” school closures, vaccine mandates, open borders are all aimed towards that. They are not exclusively aimed at that but it’s one of the goals.


2 thoughts on “Real Goals

  1. I think the idea is to make people so dependent on the government that they have no choice but to vote for policies like UBI. The left would do this to all of us if they could.


  2. “Much of the Leftist political efforts are aimed at removing black people from productive life”

    What’s really amazing is that they don’t seem to realize this at any conscious level… they really seem to believe they’re ‘anti-racist’ and in favor of wonderful ideas like ‘social justice’ as they through their full weight of support in policies that have devastating effects on black communities…

    it’s also weird to watch the convulations they go through to avoid admitting the horrible failure (or success) of each successive policy…

    It’s been pointed out that the whole point of hysterical gun control rhetoric on the left is to try to disarm urban blacks involved in crime (which they facilitate and support) while not admitting that’s what they want by attacking responsible non-criminal gun owners….

    (full disclosure I was brought up around guns and always found them kind of boring, I was taught basic gun safety and how to shoot but have no desire for a gun…. and if i did I wouldn’t think about any laws in place except for how to get around them…).

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