Burning Issue

I saw more political ads at the gym, and it seems clear that in Missouri the Democrats are planning to run on abortion and, even more confusingly, gay marriage. The gay marriage ads were being aired during a report about the healthcare emergency declared in NYC over monkeypox, which added a layer of irony to the situation.

There was absolutely nothing about the economy in the ads. I don’t agree with Marx that the economy is everything but I don’t believe it’s nothing either. If Dem voters seriously get motivated to vote by gay marriage at this point in time… I feel sad for them. Let’s see if they manage to resist this very basic manipulation trick.

3 thoughts on “Burning Issue

  1. Rn the primary is still going on, and candidates are looking to win Democratic primary voters. Missouri Dems very well may switch to a more normal message once the general election begins; Kunce in particular strikes me as a sensible guy.


      1. Kunce is the kind of Democrat I would’ve been very interested in voting for a few years ago. At this point I don’t feel like his differences with the national party are deep enough for me to support him, but if he won I think he could be my favorite Dem in the Senate.


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