I’m currently responsible for 3 kids, I probably have COVID, the Dean gave us an overnight budget-cutting exercise, we’ve started a noisy construction project in the backyard at the same time as the city decided to fix the road in front, I’ve been asked to serve as a witness at an emergency wedding, Castellanos Moya released a sequel to Moronga, one of the kids isn’t eating anything because she’s sick and the food tastes like garbage, another kid isn’t eating anything because he’s in a stage, a program review is starting at my department, and I’m planning to cook an Indian dish of split peas with beets.

In short, it’s a pandemonium here.


7 thoughts on “Pandemonium

    1. “an emergency wedding”

      one possibility:

      Here comes the Bride,
      Running for all she’s worth.
      Let’s get her married,
      Before she gives birth…

      the other thought is related to la migra


        1. “Nobody cares about pregnancy out of wedlock anymore”

          Very North American phrasing. It’s never been a special issue in Poland where until recently visibly pregnant brides were absolutely routine.

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        2. That’s right. They only have 90 days, right? I had a coworker in a similar situation—the couple ended up doing a civil ceremony and then going all out for a larger thing a year or so later. That time crunch is crazy.


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