A Soviet Trick

This is a favorite Soviet trick.

1. Create a problem.

2. Let everybody enjoy the consequences.

3. Ever so slightly reduce the pressure created by the problem.

4. Brag to the skies about how wonderful you are for solving such a terrible problem.

5. Rely on the complete control you have over the media to prevent anybody from mentioning that you created the problem in the first place and it still exists.

It’s funny how absolutely lacking in imagination, how sad, old and boring these people and their tricks are.


11 thoughts on “A Soviet Trick

  1. Didn’t know it was from the Soviet playbook. But I’m gobsmacked more people don’t notice this! Yeah, Gas at 3.79 seems great right now…. but only because you don’t remember what it was six months ago. Are you experiencing any other signs of memory loss?

    Watching it with the “get a shot” narrative has been… illuminating, in the most depressing way.

    1) Get the shot and you can’t catch or spread the coof! Your shot protects others! Virtue! Righteousness!
    2) Get the shot and marginally reduce your odds of ending up in the hospital with coof!
    3) We never said it would make you immune or stop you spreading it, it was always meant to reduce severe infection! BUT, you’re still virtuous for getting it, and if you didn’t you’re trash. Because reasons. But remember, we NEVER said it would actually confer immunity.

    It’s not surprising the people who pushed a failed vaccine would backpedal rather than admit they were full of shite.

    What absolutely amazes me is seeing the same people who were all “get the shot, stop the spread, protect everybody else, and if you don’t you’re trying to kill grandma you irresponsible racist bastard!” last year, have had a completely seamless memory edit and despite their own still-extant internet posts saying otherwise, have now made an about-face to: “well, dingus, it was never meant to confer immunity, just prevent severe infection. I never said otherwise, and you clearly know nothing about science if you think anything else, ignorant peon. Why are you still trying to kill grandma?”

    It’s terrifying to see how easy it was to manipulate huge swathes of the population into selective amnesia as long as you butter them up and give them a set of talking points and catch-phrases that makes them feel virtuous. AND WTF is up with not even noticing the gigantic fracking contradiction between “it was never meant to stop the spread” and “unvaxd are still endangering us all”– like, I never realized that you could take two statements where one logically follows the other, remove the first statement and replace it with something that has no logical connection whatsoever to the second statement, and just re-insert it into people’s brains without them noticing that the second statement, the conclusion, no longer follows, or even makes any rational sense.

    “Get vaxd to stop the spread and protect others” just got snipped and edited into “We have always been at war with Eastasia and protect others” and everybody’s still buying the “protect others” part of that. What gives?

    I think it’s some freaky combination of inertia + motivated belief.

    I’m hearing from parents who want to sign their kids up for, say, summer programs run by a museum or other liberal-trending arts institution (but I repeat myself), and they’re still trying to enforce vax requirements for kids. Like, WHY?? If we’re all acknowledging now that it doesn’t actually stop the spread, WHO IS THIS PROTECTING EXACTLY?? Like, what’s going on there? Not even getting into the study showing that the vaxd are contagious for twice as long as the unvaxd, because that’s been censored from all their news sources. Just sticking with publicly-acknowledged official news type stuff: if all it does is prevent severe infection in the vaxd, why does the 11yo need a shot to go to camp? Who is she endangering?

    Some theories:
    1) The bureaucratic incentives are still in place, even though the reasons for them no longer exist.
    2) Hoity-Toity artsy fartsy people LIKE being able to discriminate against the unwashed, and will keep doing it until someone yanks their funding for it.
    3) They’re actually robots, and that’s what the latest software update said, so that’s what they do.

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        1. The same person who freaked out at me when I said, “these vaccines don’t stop the spread and aren’t aimed at doing that” now says, with an air of authority, “of course, these vaccines don’t stop the spread. I always knew that.”

          “But remember the fight we had a year ago when I said this and you got upset?” I ask.

          No, of course, she doesn’t. The software has been updated and now she “always knew it.” I’d go nuts by this time if I weren’t used to it from back in the USSR.

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          1. Exactly! It’d be weird if you just saw it once. But it’s everywhere. Skynet has already taken over, because at least 60% of the population are already robots who can be updated at any time.


            1. Another weird symptom is when I criticize the new top administrator, and people start hinting that I hate him because he’s black. But every candidate, including the one I passionately supported, was black. There has to be a sliver of a possibility that it isn’t his race that bothers me. This all happened just a few months ago. One would think people could be able to retain the memory of me actively promoting another black candidate. But no, the inconvenient memory got erased.


    1. What gets me is all the true believers who eagerly lined up for the Fauci Ouchie, and then obediently took all the boosters, who are now getting covid and talking about how sick they are and how horrible they feel and so on … and then they cap it off by saying how grateful they are that they were vaxxed and boosted, because if covid is this awful when you’ve been vaxxed and boosted, just think how much more horrible it would be if you hadn’t!


  2. These are people who should be told: “Are you stupid or do you think I am ?” each and every time they spout such sanctimonious idiotic balderdash..

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  3. speaking of Soviet tricks…. russia is going to be opening up new Beriozka-style stores for foreigners who can pay in hard currency….

    for the unaware:



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