A Lot in Common

There is a wildly disproportionate amount of trans-related content targetted at black youth, outweighing any group by far. Despite this, however, black youth are not transitioning and are severely under-represented in the statistics.

This is a condition of fussy white snowflakes, so no surprise that nobody else cares. It’s curious, though, that there’s such a drive to convince black kids to get castrated. When you take it in conjunction with COVID policies that push black students out of school, immigration policies that push black workers out of jobs, and criminal justice policies that make black homicide deaths explode, you start to wonder how come all these measures seem to be aimed at reducing the number of black people.

8 thoughts on “A Lot in Common

  1. I’m afraid you are right. No such thing as a coincidence of this magnitude- must be by design. Sad, and sad that more people don’t recognize it….

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    1. ” reducing the number of black people”

      Well the crazy conspiracy people have been saying for decades that the elite want to thin the herd (population reduction) and it’s hard to not notice that now (also covid vaccines that crater fertility… coincidence, or…..?)


      1. To go down the conspiracy hole further…. I first heard of the idea of a lab-made virus being spread and then a vaccine developed that would sterilize those who took it….. well over ten years ago.

        Crazy conspiracy people weren’t very good at the details but they did have a picture of the rough outlines….


      2. It would certainly explain why they’re so miffed that uptake among minorities was rather less than among middle-class white liberals.

        My sister had a black math teacher in middle school who’d never been vaccinated for anything, because her family was so distrustful of medical authorities after losing an uncle to the Tuskeegee experiments.

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  2. I have a completely different take:

    To a guilty white liberal there is no greater affirmation than having a black person agree with you. Recruiting black kids to be trans would bolster their confidence in the cause like nothing else could.

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  3. Black people’s labor isnt needed in the U. S. Economy

    Read sidney wilhem – ‘who needs the negro’ for a great explanation, he predicted all this in the 80s


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