What’s Good About Woke Propaganda

My niece and I were complaining to each other about stuff today. This, that, I’m sick as a dog, it’s hot, the watermelon I bought is green inside, everything is annoying. Finally, Klara exclaimed, “Well, but look on the positive side!”

“What is it?” we asked her eagerly. “What’s the positive side?”

“I don’t know!” she said. “But find it and look at it!”

So I followed the advice and found the positive side to the incessant woke indoctrination that comes at us from all sides. You listen to it for years, watch the woke movies, memorize all the propaganda. And then one day you stumble on a conservative book, idea, movie or blog post – and it’s mesmerizing in its clarity and logic. It’s such a powerful feeling precisely because it’s so new and unusual. People who haven’t spent years trying to contort their brains into believing that men are women and inflation is good for you will never understand the pleasure of realizing that you don’t have to do that anymore.

I’ve been to the other side, my friends, and there’s too much pretending over there. Not even to others. You’ve got to pretend to yourself because that stuff just doesn’t make sense.


8 thoughts on “What’s Good About Woke Propaganda

  1. Klara is very wise.

    I think that in so far as the western “right left” dichotomy has meaning at all, it is in acceptance or rejection of objective sacred order extrinsic to oneself; in whether or not one believes in immutable transcendent reality that cannot be traduced by your own will.

    We’re either utopians – gnostics who despise reality for its perceived imperfection, seeking to impose our own ideas of perfection upon it – or realists and essentialists who accept reality as it is, and in that acceptance attain grace.

    This is the “problem of evil” theodicy, that is the catalyst driving and destabilizing the West.. We have this idea, this deeply ingrained cultural ideal born of Christian eschatology that perfection – heaven – is real, that we all even – even most especially – the dispossessed amongst us can attain it.

    Our essential debate is whether this transcendence is to be achieved by way of assertion of our own will to power or by way of extrinsic grace. This question is the couer conflict of our civilization and politics..

    It’s the gnostics versus the stoics. I’m re-reading Job and Thomas Kempis with new eyes recently, after Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius.. The gnostics are scandalized by reality, and hate God for it. Like Pelagius they think they can will themselves to heaven through their own power. Like the Zarathustrians Manichees Cathars Nietzchfoucaultards they equate evil with good, saying they are the same. But it is not so.

    You could say that to be on the right is to be imbued and enamored with paradox, to be a graceful stoic.. A wryly steadfast anti-gnostic in love with grace, suffering and reality.. Because everything evil serves the good.

    Evil, death do not really exist. They are just phantasms passing with time. The good is all that is, it is that which transcends. Focus on it, and you will find him within.

    I think this is what Klara means. That is why she is very wise.


    1. @CRC
      This is a great comment. Thank for bringing together so many threads that I hadn’t until now been able to articulate with such clarity and concision.


  2. ” it’s mesmerizing in its clarity and logic”

    Reminds me of the old joke: A guy in a factory sees a co-worker repeatedly striking his thumb with a hammer
    First guy: You should stop that, they won’t give you workman’s comp if you do it to yourself!
    Second guy: That’s not why I’m doing it.
    First guy: Then why on earth are you doing it?
    Second guy: Cause it feels sooooo good when I stop.

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    1. Specifically:
      “Warren has repeatedly said he would not prosecute individuals who help children procure sex change procedures and that he would not enforce pro-life laws. He is also accused of releasing rioters and other violent criminals, refusing to prosecute them if it fit his own political agenda.

      DeSantis slammed activist attorneys like Warren and their focus on “personal conception of social justice over what the laws require of you.””

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  3. “But find it and look at it!”

    The positive side of the negative is an inoculation against more of the negative.

    And since the present day is so abundant with extra meaning about an inoculation?

    Klara, you are still young, and so you have not yet learned that there are such Eldritch Horrors in life for which you would wish that you’d never known you’d needed to be inoculated against them.

    But you may be well forewarned that the first time you encounter such hazards, that will be a rather considerable shock.

    Starting with this: don’t look up the phrase “Eldritch Horrors”, as it is itself a kind of cognitive informational hazard that leads to the shock that’s been described.

    Start out easier with Hilaire Belloc’s book of children’s stories titled “Cautionary Tales for Children”.

    Clarissa should note that this is perhaps the most “un-woke” children’s book ever created.


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