A Lot in Common

There is a wildly disproportionate amount of trans-related content targetted at black youth, outweighing any group by far. Despite this, however, black youth are not transitioning and are severely under-represented in the statistics.

This is a condition of fussy white snowflakes, so no surprise that nobody else cares. It’s curious, though, that there’s such a drive to convince black kids to get castrated. When you take it in conjunction with COVID policies that push black students out of school, immigration policies that push black workers out of jobs, and criminal justice policies that make black homicide deaths explode, you start to wonder how come all these measures seem to be aimed at reducing the number of black people.

Another Coronavirus

I’m sick as a dog. In hopes of wriggling our of having to go to work, I took a home COVID test. I don’t have them but my visitors are Canadian, so they stock up on tests.

I tested negative but it changes nothing. I have all the same symptoms that I did a year ago. And two years ago. And three. It’s a seasonal virus I invariably get in August. What does it help to know that it’s not this coronavirus but some other coronavirus? I’m still sick.

I ate a bread and butter sandwich, and it tasted horrid. Had some watermelon – horrid. To set a benchmark, I drank some Coke because that’s a taste that doesn’t offer much variation. It tasted horrid. I tried it on a nephew, and he said it’s delicious.

Went to the store and discovered that the salmon I always used to buy at Sam’s is twice the price it used to be. Literally, twice. So I bought chicken thighs instead. Who cares if it all tastes like raw sewage to me at this point? I’m baking them with tomatoes, herbs, cheese and pea shoots.

Language Acrobats

I have come across a new politically correct linguistic contortion that large companies use to say “women.” It is “women of child bearing potential.” I copy-pasted, so all objections should be directed to the creators of these language acrobatics.

Of course, this only exists for as long as transwomen haven’t noticed it and started to object that they have just as much potential to bear children because why not? What are you, a bigot, to think children can’t pop out of penises?

Civilizational Advance

A cute video from Russia where a driver of a bus mocks a veteran of the war in Ukraine and chases him away with a baseball bat. “I lost my legs defending our country,” the clearly drunk veteran wails. The passengers giggle.

This isn’t a sign of the people in Russia being against the war. Remember how shocked I was when I saw a group of passengers on an American bus wait patiently and with no sign of annoyance for a wheelchair to be lifted into a city bus? Respect and kindness towards invalids isn’t something that exists everywhere. It’s a precious civilizational advance that many cultures haven’t yet evolved to experience.

Please think about this video every time somebody suggests that “America is just as bad.” Such a person has absolutely no idea about anything.

A Soviet Trick

This is a favorite Soviet trick.

1. Create a problem.

2. Let everybody enjoy the consequences.

3. Ever so slightly reduce the pressure created by the problem.

4. Brag to the skies about how wonderful you are for solving such a terrible problem.

5. Rely on the complete control you have over the media to prevent anybody from mentioning that you created the problem in the first place and it still exists.

It’s funny how absolutely lacking in imagination, how sad, old and boring these people and their tricks are.