Costs of a Peach

No peach can bring as many benefits to a kid as a mother who is not a self-sacrificing, guilt-tripping neurotic.

Just eat the fucking peach, lady, and spare us the martyr show.

Trudeau, the Libertarian Ideal

If Pfizer had an enormous coercive apparatus, how would it be different from the government of Justin Trudeau? What would it do differently? I’m sure one can think of something but for the most part it would be quite similar.

Trudeau put almost the entirety of the coercive power of the state in service of several privately owned businesses. Businesses, I need to add, that are not owned by the citizens of Canada. He destroyed an enormous number of domestic enterprises to advance the financial interests of foreign business entities. He delivered a catastrophic blow to the nationalized healthcare, sending people in droves to private medicine. He removed many of the entitlements that citizens are used to. He pretty much abolished the passport as a meaningful concept.

Beyond the rhetoric, this is the reality. Not only didn’t Trudeau strengthen the government, he did the exact opposite. He removed it almost altogether, turning it into the enforcement arm of Walmart and Pfizer. Trudeau is the libertarian dream come true.

We can’t solve a problem if we don’t name it. Trudeau is what the neoliberal weakening of the national governments looks like. Governments and their coercive apparatuses don’t go away. They simply switch sides.

Real Goals

There are official narratives, and turn there’s reality. It’s important to see through the propaganda and notice what’s actually happening:

Much of the Leftist political efforts are aimed at removing black people from productive life. BLM, the adoption of the expression “people of color,” school closures, vaccine mandates, open borders are all aimed towards that. They are not exclusively aimed at that but it’s one of the goals.