Feel-good Moment of the Day

The picture on top is what the building looked like when Russians destroyed it in April. The picture on the bottom is what it looks like now.

It’s really unfair that stupid, irrelevant Dugin who hasn’t showered in a decade and his bandit children with congenital brain defects are getting more coverage than this amazing and heroic transformation.

Outsourcing Parenting

In all honesty, if the parents don’t know this kind of thing about their kids and need the school to inform them, it kind of explains why the kids have issues. I’m 46 years old and for the past 20 years I’ve lived in a different country than my father. But until the day he died he knew the details of the changes I was introducing into each of my articles, let alone something as major as gender confusion. Which I don’t experience precisely because I did have involved parents.

People want to outsource their parenting and then complain about the results. The question should be: what have you done today and every day to remain a moral and intellectual authority for your child? Yes, it would be better if schools didn’t promote idiotic ideas. But I went to a Soviet school where there was nothing but idiotic ideas. It had zero effect because no school can have a millionth part of the importance and impact of one’s parents. Why are we for economic self-reliance but not for parental responsibility and self-reliance?

Funny Obituaries

NYTimes continues working in the “austere religious scholar” tradition:

The “influential writer” Dugin is a real, very sincere neo-Nazi. And so was his daughter. It’s curious how easily NYTimes wokesters slip into the patriarchal mentality of seeing women as only important in connection with their male relatives. It’s even more curious how lovingly they whitewash actual ethno-nationalists.