Michael Collins

Twitter has its uses. Today I found out about this fascinating gentlemen there:

What a cool guy! And mega cute, too.

An Interesting Life

The funny thing is, many people have genuinely fascinating, even amazing lives, and never write about them. One example: I used to know a guy who hitched around Africa in 1991, with no map and no money, where he got caught up in a coup / civil war and nearly died. He lived in a houseboat as a mature student. He spent one Christmas Day shivering in a phone booth in rural Poland. And finally he suffered a series of major psychotic breaks which resulted in a criminal conviction for threatening behaviour.


To me, this is a very neoliberal idea of an interesting life. Skipping between continents and having outlandishly mental issues is interesting only within a worldview that promotes the accumulation of experiences at the cost of belongings, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. I see an interesting life as the one where a person figured things out, made something out of nothing, thought deeply, loved with constance, and can share insight instead of outrĂ© vignettes of almost dying in coups in places he doesn’t understand or care about.

The most fascinating biography I have ever read is of Anthony Trollope who worked like a dog to provide for his family while pursuing his dream of becoming a well-paid author. He was a very stable person in every way, and I don’t think that made him less interesting than adrenaline-crazed snowflakes making a nuisance of himself in Africa and Poland.