What’s Good About Woke Propaganda

My niece and I were complaining to each other about stuff today. This, that, I’m sick as a dog, it’s hot, the watermelon I bought is green inside, everything is annoying. Finally, Klara exclaimed, “Well, but look on the positive side!”

“What is it?” we asked her eagerly. “What’s the positive side?”

“I don’t know!” she said. “But find it and look at it!”

So I followed the advice and found the positive side to the incessant woke indoctrination that comes at us from all sides. You listen to it for years, watch the woke movies, memorize all the propaganda. And then one day you stumble on a conservative book, idea, movie or blog post – and it’s mesmerizing in its clarity and logic. It’s such a powerful feeling precisely because it’s so new and unusual. People who haven’t spent years trying to contort their brains into believing that men are women and inflation is good for you will never understand the pleasure of realizing that you don’t have to do that anymore.

I’ve been to the other side, my friends, and there’s too much pretending over there. Not even to others. You’ve got to pretend to yourself because that stuff just doesn’t make sense.