Fully Myself

Why, why can’t I feel all day like I feel between 6 pm and midnight? And why do I only feel fully myself when nobody has the time or energy to witness it?

Angry Liberals

So many important stories to cover. So much going on in the world. And The Atlantic goes with a discussion of how the rosary is extremist? I remember how they did good journalism. They weren’t always this unhinged. What happened to these people? Why did liberalism become so filled with hatred and rage? What are they so angry about?

Wrong Snip

Sadly, nobody has though of snipping any body parts off the parents who caused it. This is what happens in cultures where the process of parenting is completely divorced from its results in people’s minds.

Thriving in the Global Economy

We keep hearing that teaching wokeness supposedly “prepares students to thrive in the global economy.” But that’s not even true. There are actual skills that would prepare students, such as how to create an invoice, how to receive a wire transfer, how to do basic personal accounting if you are self-employed.

The global economy is increasingly oriented towards self-employed people who can do these things for themselves until they make enough money to hire an online secretary.

Disney Adults

I’ve never been to Disneyland. But my sister has abd she says that what struck her most were adults who were there without any kids and reacted in over-the-top way to costumed characters. She says fully grown people were squealing with delight as they liked up for photos with Disney princesses.

I didn’t fully believe such immaturity could exist until I met people who seriously believe that the US “provoked” the war in Ukraine to spite Russia.

This is what happens when instead of teaching history in schools we teach woke garbage.

Head Start Torture

Years ago, I said on this blog that Head Start was going to be used to torture children and make sure that the poor kids who end up in the program become invalids. I so wish I were wrong. But I wasn’t.

Biden Administration: Likes and Dislikes

Here’s a question for everyone. What do you dislike about the Biden administration? I don’t want vague answers like “inflation” or “crime.” I’m interested in hearing specifically what is the administration doing or not doing that you don’t like.

I assume there’s nobody on here who likes the Biden administration but in case there is, what specifically do you like? I’m completely open-minded to any answers that aren’t the infantile “because he’s not Trump / fascist / Nazi, etc.”

This is for the noble purpose of local political activity. I need to be able to talk to people with specific, clear examples.