Head Start Torture

Years ago, I said on this blog that Head Start was going to be used to torture children and make sure that the poor kids who end up in the program become invalids. I so wish I were wrong. But I wasn’t.

9 thoughts on “Head Start Torture

  1. As I’ve said until people are sick to death of hearing me say it, the most depressing aspect of the entire covid fiasco (and there’s pretty hot competition for that honor) has been the utter indifference of the elites in charge — from the lowliest school board member to the folks at the top — to the suffering of children.

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  2. Didn’t they establish years ago that Heat Start programs offered no long-term benefits to the disadvantaged children in the programs… and IIRC to the non-disadvantaged children there weren’t even any short-term benefits. The whole point was “readiness for school” which in the end amounts to… we trained a bunch of preschoolers to raise their hands and ask permission to use the toilet, and to line up when ordered.

    My kids are homeschooled and they still haven’t learned that stuff. It hasn’t been a problem.

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      1. As ME pointed out above, “ready to learn” is code for sit quietly and don’t disrupt the teachers’s plans. Better described as “Ready to comply”

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    1. They provide free speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy to children who are severely developmentally delayed in those areas. Those are all home services, though, not preschool.


    2. It’s one thing that they don’t teach anything useful. But this is physical abuse. Not even the WHO and the CDC support it. There’s quite literally no reason to do it other than cut off air supply to ensure these kids’ brains don’t develop and they have poor linguistic and social skills.

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