Disney Adults

I’ve never been to Disneyland. But my sister has abd she says that what struck her most were adults who were there without any kids and reacted in over-the-top way to costumed characters. She says fully grown people were squealing with delight as they liked up for photos with Disney princesses.

I didn’t fully believe such immaturity could exist until I met people who seriously believe that the US “provoked” the war in Ukraine to spite Russia.

This is what happens when instead of teaching history in schools we teach woke garbage.

4 thoughts on “Disney Adults

  1. “abd she says” and
    Disney has functioned as the American religion for seventy years. It teaches a form of gnosis where you can and should be yourself. This is done by consuming Disney products. Part of Disney’s power is that most people do not realize that it is a religion. This is strangely helped by the fact that the Disney religion would collapse the moment anyone tried to take it seriously.

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    1. Even with kids… I remember growing up, there were families who used to go to Disney every year. They had all the merch, lifetime passes, bumper stickers, the mouse-ear hats and T-shirts for every occasion… it was really weird. Particularly to us, who didn’t even have a TV. Like, that shite’s expensive, and these people were not rich. Why would you go to Disney every year instead of, I dunno, paying off your mortgage ten years early or something? It was definitely some kind of cult.

      I went to Disney once, when I was 9. It was fun. I have never, ever felt the need to go again.

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  2. Depends on the context… Adults behaving as children if/when they (adults) are with their children may indeed be inappropriate. But as per original problem statement you are talking about adults who go to Disneyland without children… Disney princesses are not my cup of tea, but in my view it is not fundamentally different from me spending some hours exploring the aircraft carrier / museum in San-Diego… Or at air show… Admittedly childish, but so what? Admittedly, I did not scream and hug anybody, but I was pretty excited. 🙂
    And this did not make me believe that US provoked Russia into attacking Ukraine.

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