Thriving in the Global Economy

We keep hearing that teaching wokeness supposedly “prepares students to thrive in the global economy.” But that’s not even true. There are actual skills that would prepare students, such as how to create an invoice, how to receive a wire transfer, how to do basic personal accounting if you are self-employed.

The global economy is increasingly oriented towards self-employed people who can do these things for themselves until they make enough money to hire an online secretary.

One thought on “Thriving in the Global Economy

  1. So who will teach the practical aspects of small arms, counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency techniques, and the ever popular How Not To Blow Your Own Legs Off With IEDs “crash course”?

    Also how to negotiate with a warlord, how to buy essentials on the black market, how not to lose your cool during interrogation, those kinds of things.

    I’d rather teach students how to thrive in the global insurgency.


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