Wrong Snip

Sadly, nobody has though of snipping any body parts off the parents who caused it. This is what happens in cultures where the process of parenting is completely divorced from its results in people’s minds.

2 thoughts on “Wrong Snip

  1. We’re not in that “interregnum” period after the American Empire yet, so …

    What these people hate the most is ridicule.

    And so how about some bumper stickers that say “OK GROOMER” with the two O’s turned into the Disney Mouse?

    When Disney shows up to threaten you with a lawsuit, threaten them back with Lanham Act and Patterson Act countersuits.

    What’s even more fun than winning those is when they’re forced to settle because they know you’re going to violate them good and hard in the courts for triple damages.

    As for what this “interregnum” period is going to be like, I suggest finding a copy of the video game Postal 2 and playing it as well as the “weekend” add-on DLC.

    I especially like the part where some redneck perverts kidnap The Dude and then he shoots his way out of their “breeding facility” and warehouse while wearing a gimp suit.

    Setting the difficulty to “Hestonworld” should be pretty close to the real thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jokes aside, Matt Bracken’s piece in the Free Republic from 2012 about the coming “interregnum” should make for very interesting reading, so see if you can find it.

    These people are all fun and games until what’s left of the county sheriff’s office partners with some civilian and ex-MIL snipers who have decided that law and order can’t be restored until the “bad operators” are out of the system.

    I’m out in the countryside because I figure Miami will turn into either a glowy irradiated pile of rubble or something that’s a combination of Sarajevo, Johannesburg, Mosul, and Caracas during a war.

    “… nobody has [thought] of snipping any body parts off the parents who caused it …”

    You and everyone else are so goddamned impatient!

    It’s coming.


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