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NYTimes continues working in the “austere religious scholar” tradition:

The “influential writer” Dugin is a real, very sincere neo-Nazi. And so was his daughter. It’s curious how easily NYTimes wokesters slip into the patriarchal mentality of seeing women as only important in connection with their male relatives. It’s even more curious how lovingly they whitewash actual ethno-nationalists.

10 thoughts on “Funny Obituaries

  1. I thought he was a sincere whatsit, the thing the old Tsars were…Autocrats? You know, the ones who want to plant the gilded boot of Russian empire across Eurasia.

    There has to be a word for that.

    I would not go down the “We have to oppose and/or murder anyone who is sincerely a National Socialist road, Mrs. Clarissa. That’s a murky space for eastern Europe, and Ukraine, considering their just wars against the Supreme Soviet.


  2. “very sincere neo-Nazi”

    Early on, someone suggested that Dugin was involved in the death of his daughter. That’s not an idea that I would have thought of (though his over-dramatic posture in one picture is pretty…. over-dramatic… it looks like a portrayal of schock rather than the real thing….

    But since it was brought up a bunch of online sources I generally take seriously (who know the political and cultural background better) absolutely think it was a possibility…

    Then he releases a “statement” that reads like an embedded confession…. esp this passage:

    “Они хотели подавить нашу волю кровавым террором против самых лучших и самых уязвимых из нас. Но они своего не добьются. Наши сердца жаждут не просто мести или возмездия. Это слишком мелко, не по-русски. Нам нужна только наша победа. На ее алтарь положила свою девичью жизнь моя дочь. Так победите, пожалуйста”

    my version (ie editing google translate…. with freer parts marked with *)

    “They wanted to crush our will through bloody terror carried out against the best and most vulnerable among us. But they won’t succeed. Our hearts yearn for more than mere vengeance or retribution. That is too small, not the Russian way. Only victory will satisfy us*. My daughter laid down her young** life on its altar. So please, be victorious.”

    *lit. our victory is all we need
    **lit maidenly

    statement analysis (shorter version): “Don’t look to closely into what happened, just turn this sacrifice into motivation to win…. for me!!!”

    Originally I thought that maybe he was the target but those who know more all agree it has all the marks of an FSB job carried out the way it was supposed to be carried out….

    Ultimately she was a nasty piece of work (like her father) so I don’t really care, but it does… shed light on the state of modern russia (like the army recrutiment video telling rural parents that they could turn their sons’ lives into new cars….).


    1. The “maidenly” broad was 30, so that’s kind of weird. Russian dissidents insist this was done by an outfit called “National Republican Army” of Russia which is a supposedly guerilla organization fighting Putin. I don’t believe it exists but I understand why they need to believe in it.


      1. “Russian dissidents insist”

        Do they? The official story is that the perpetrator was a master Ukrainian spy who had been under surveillance for two weeks before managing to carry out the hit under the very nose of security forces before driving 9 hours to the Estonian border… (oh and she conveniently left her nazi ID behind). I don’t know which is more hilarious the story or the fact that some might actually believe it.

        Oh and Margarita Simonyan more or less admitted that the Salisbury poisonings (Skripals) were carried out by russia (everyone knew but officially denied so far…).

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        1. I listened to Illarionov, and he says he knows it for a fact.

          Illarionov, by the way, worked for the CATO Institute and was fired after writing that 1/6 was a false-flag operation by the Democrats. Apparently, the CATO Institute doesn’t believe in the freedom of speech.


  3. Love the footage of the “assassin” during the secondary inspection.

    Not the coolest character at a border crossing.

    So I have to believe that the explosives weren’t in the car during the secondary inspection, nor was this amazing collection of number plates that’s appeared on several automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) photos.

    The technical details being supplied about the explosive are highly suspect and sketchy so far.

    “400 grams TNT equivalent” … so was it PETN, RDX, C4, or something else such as Semtex?

    All of those compounds have primary producers, and so if it was C4, that would lead back to the US.

    Similarly RDX would likely lead back to the UK, PETN would likely lead to German, and Semtex would likely lead to Czech Republic (which I refuse to call “Czechia”) or one of the other constituents of the former Czechoslovakia.

    The thing about all of these compounds is that despite the relatively small amounts involved, they all give off chemical vapours that can be detected in very minute quantities.

    An example of this a bit closer to home for Clarissa: not long after the 11 September events, the CN Tower installed a chemical vapour detection system they would use on all visitors.

    I remember being surprised about this system being installed in such a matter-of-fact way that I blurted out “What is this?” to the screener.

    “It’s a security measure.”

    “Oh, I know what it is, I even know how it works, and of course I’ll go through it … but are things really this bad now?”

    “We’ve had some threats.”

    Why wouldn’t such a chemical vapour detection system be in place at the Russian border?

    Given that ANPR picked up the number plate changes, that would make this operative’s surveillance grow from one bored analyst to multiple teams, at least in a functional intelligence organisation.

    So how it it that we’re meant to believe that this one surveillance clueless operative, with teenage daughter in tow, could slip past FSB, KGB, and multiple embedded covert foreign intelligence services operating on Russian soil without being noticed right through the time of the supposed bombing?

    The ugly implication is that this is what FSB, KGB, and all of those multiple embedded covert foreign intelligence services wanted.

    And so gaps in the surveillance were used to deliver the supplies, but it’s as if this operative actually wanted to announce her presence in Moscow to anyone and everyone working as official or NOC intelligence operatives.

    Enabling Acts are back, and this time they’re not coming out of the Reichstag.

    All of this is such a joke that I’ll now make a Putin joke …

    “Putin, what a powerful force against Nazism! He’s even now killing the Nazis on Russian soil!”

    But yeah, maybe the CIA helped … they often do.

    Do you get the feeling that a certain shadowy faction really wants this war?

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    1. I wouldn’t mind if this was the work of the Ukrainian secret services but I don’t see any evidence. There’s a million such Dashas, they are all utterly insignificant and equally boring. I never even heard of her until now.

      The shadowy faction, if it exists, is not in the US because the US establishment wants things in the region to go back to what they were between 1991 and 2014. They’ve been doing their damndest to pretend it’s still possible because they are into denying reality in favor of fantasy. There’s no going back. The post-1991 world order is over and done with. Let’s see when the US political establishment clocks on to this and starts pivoting. These are the same people who’ve been lecturing us on how we should adapt and accept the new normal but they seem very reluctant to do it themselves.


  4. “… but I don’t see any evidence …”

    Precisely what I was getting at.

    Everything about this entry and operations plan has more of a people smuggling flavour to it than would normally be expected.

    And then look at what got smuggled in! A novice at operational security and intelligence! A completely unbelievable cut-out who has an active MIL or ex-MIL stench!

    This operative’s supply conduits are clearly inside Russia, but the way this operative behaved should have exposed the supply conduits and cut-outs, especially with swapping that Kazakhstan number plate used for entering the country in a way where ANPR would pick up a previously unobserved number plate as an anomalous appearance.

    So she was probably getting help with surveillance suppression that went beyond keeping the FSB and KGB in the dark and extended to keeping all of the other covert embedded intelligence operations in the dark as well.

    That level of surveillance suppression simply does not exist within the secret world.

    The shadows it casts are interesting in and of themselves, and so someone had to notice.

    Within those shadows should be expected a rather significant and formidable operations team for which this operative was merely the exposed cut-out meant to take the fall.

    So I am about as surprised at this as M was in that Daniel Craig “007” movie where she exclaimed that florists say that they have people everywhere, but you don’t expect them to be in the same room.

    They could have delivered flowers to the Dugin residence and more people would have noticed!

    That the FSB, KGB, and Ukrainian special intelligence services would be equally surprised with these events would not surprise me in the slightest.

    So who really are these people of this shadowy faction and by what name should we know them as?

    Maybe in a few years we’ll get a thinly cloaked Charles Cumming novel about this.


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